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Micronutrient  testing

We are now able to offer you micronutrient testing in addition to

your hormone panel.

While most patient in North America or Western societies

are not suffering from clinical syndromes related to severe

vitamin deficiencies, some patients may have suboptimal

vitamin status.

Most of you go to the Health food store and pick up various

supplements that you may have read about or seen on television

without really knowing or understanding your actual deficiencies.

For example, we all know that Vitamin D is good for you.

How much Vitamin D do you really need?

Are you in fact deficient in Vitamin D?

This particular panel of micronutrient testing will be able to test your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your blood.

After you meet with the nurse practitioner, get a medical assessment usually related to hormone deficiency, we can add this particular panel of testing to complete your wellness assessment.

The testing is done in Texas, so the typical turn around time for results is 2-3 weeks. We can then provide you with the appropriate recommendations regarding supplemental nutrients.


This is the cornerstone of anti aging medicine. Rather than treat diseases as we do in traditional medicine, this is an evolving field that treats “quality of life”..